Bending and throbbing.......

Hi all.

Ok the title was a little mis-leading…
I meant pitch bend and some sort of compression/gate effect.

I need to pitch bend some notes either in the N sequencer or after its rendered to .wav. Can I do this?

Secondly I’m after a pulsating/throbbing kind of effect for a bassline I’m doing. Where each note kind of fades in quickly…like a reverse sustain if that makes sense. Can I do this with a compressor or a gate? Is there anything like that on N?

Cheers gang.

Oooh! You are awful :laugh:

Loads of ways to do both.
1)What instrument notes are you bending - midi/VSTi - external unit?

2)If using a bass synth etc, try noodling with the patches attack.

Hi Tony

Yep its a midi vsti jobby. Im using Manystation in the N sequencer piano roll.

Bass synth needs to pulsate…synth lead needs to have pitch bend.
Where do i find the patches thing?

Sorry I’m in and out. I’ll check your synth asap.
Record both parts to separate tracks

Im in the sack now!

Would it be wav files? I was kind of hoping to do the pitch bend in the sequencer…

Ok, dude, you’re gonna have to get funky on your “pitch-bend” wheel on your keyboard - the easiest way, in the long run.
So that’s the top end bend part sorted.

Most synths are the same. Find the “envelope” section and mess about with the “attack” on your bass.

ahh…well…i’m not actually recording midi thru the keyboard i’m inputting note by note on the piano roll… i’ll check the ‘envelope’ thing…

It’s cool. In the bottom of the piano roll are the envelopes for volume, pan and pitch. Click to choose on the left and then draw a line across the section.

in fact i’ve got n5 on me laptop in bed…theres a little window in piano roll thats letting me draw a pitch bend. How would I get that up in n6 on my other pc?

Just drag the window up.

yep think i got that!
Cheers dude!

Sweet dreams. Count the edits :agree: