Best computor set up

I have a chance to get a new computor through work and want something that will work well for recording. I am looking at a local builder. I am thinking about a Pentium IV based system with a M-Audio Delta 1010 card. Do any of you have experience with these and what suggestions would you make? I’d like to know of any potential problems before I put out big money.

I can’t comment on the P4 but I’m using a Delta 1010 with an ASUS A7N8X Deluxe mobo and an Athlon 2200 processor. I’ve had great results with this system.

There was a thread a while back regarding high processor usage with version 4 and the P4. You might want to use the search function to see if you can find it.

I had a p4 and a delta 1010lt a while back. it was actually the most stable setup I’ve used yet.

Shameless plug - I’ve sold 10 PIV 3.0 GHz DAWs to clients here & elsewhere’s. I use one myself & it works like a charm.

Once your local builder gives you a price, please let me give you a quote. In the meantime, please check out what I offer at Custom DAW. I can customize your DAW to meet your spec’s.



I see you are using antec cases mr soul.

I have an aria and love it. It is a tough little case and quite portable. Routing the cables was a pain though (if you are using pata). I kind of wish I went with a rack mount case now though, it would have cost more but could then sit in a rack with my mixer.

rackmount pc’s are a pain. I work with them at work. Every “general usage” classroom at the University of North Texas (that’s over 200 rooms) has a rackmount pc. It’s fine until you have to get to a cable or actually do work. Then you have to tack off the cover and pull it out and… grr. Of course, at UNT you have to use the special drivers for the special screws made by McGard, and the drivers are made out of metal that can’t be magnitized and the design is so not user friendly and it takes years to get one screw out and… grrr. ok. complaining about work now. sorry.


gimme a trikked out amd64 any day of tha wk mates.
just runs like a bunny wabbit. fast, fast, fast.
did oi say fast ? :D :D