betcha a dollar

Arizona wins

I’ll bet you a cyber-dollar that the Cardinals win. Takers?

I’m pullin’ for 'em - if it turns into a shoot out they’ll win - if it’s a defensive game they’ll lose.

I’ll take that bet.

Arezona has a hockey team? :p

The Coyotes. Not really quite a hockey team, but they might be some day…

What? Is there a game comin’ up or sumthin’?


Yeah - SuperBowl ya dingbats! Broncos and Panthers!

A herd of horses are you gonna trample a buncha poor putty-tats? Oh my… what is this world coming too? Next thing you know they’ll have half-naked wimmen wrastlin’ on TV… SHEESH!!]


Quote: (Dubious @ Jan. 30 2009, 10:30 PM)

Next thing you know they'll have half-naked wimmen wrastlin' on TV... SHEESH!!]


I heard that's going to be the halftime show

All I know is they won’t be wrastlin’ with any vegetables.


Banned PETA Super Bowl Ad

Quote: (Poppa Willis @ Jan. 30 2009, 10:17 PM)

Yeah - SuperBowl ya dingbats! Broncos and Panthers!

Hmmmm :whistle:
Quote: (kevinmyers @ Jan. 30 2009, 11:52 PM)

Banned PETA Super Bowl Ad

Wowsers, can you say wardrobe malfunction!

But if she gets in the hot tub wouldn't that be meat in the soup? :)

Super Bowl will go into overtime.
Cardinals will upset Steelers 34 to 31.
(Unless Warner gets injured in which case the Steelers will crush Arizona)

That’s my primary parallel universe pick.

Of couse in other universes both will be winners, and both will be losers.
So it doesn’t really matter.

Peta originally had an all male cast for that commercial - and it was supposed
to be aired for a womens basketball game.

I wrote a song years ago:
"She’s my Vegetarian Lover, She don’t Eat no Meat"
Never did get around to putting it on ‘tape’.
Sang it for my wife and she laughed for days.

who ever losses has the best lovers