BFC2000 controlling more than 8 tracks?

I have a behringer BFC2000 control surface and now I have 32 tracks of audio with my X32. Is it possible to switch banks or something similar to control other channels besides the first eight? I looked around settings and I could probably change it to control another set of channels but not a quick way to switch to another 8.

Alternatively, I am going to see if I can use it to control things like Aux groups, which would be helpful.


Ok so I WAS able to change banks once I found the Bank Up and Bank down and re-learn some notes. They were set to 33 and 34, and I can’t find where those are on the BFC2000. So, anyway, progress made

Ok NOW I have it all figured out and thought I would document it for posterity!

  1. I upgraded the BFC2000 Firmware to 1.10
  2. Set the BFC2000 to Preset 1, which I have always had selected anyway (P-1 on the display)
  3. In N-Track select the BFC2000 preset in the MIDI Faders menu item
  4. The knobs on the top of tracks 1 and 2 are also push buttons (just figured that out after having this for years!) and they will bank up/bank down respectively when pressed.

No fancy programming needed, just have to know the knobs normally used for Pan can be used for bank up and bank down!

Happy recording all!