BFD ECO crashing

Hi All,
I have BFD ECO, but when sending the output of my drums to it I get crashes and performance issues. Also, dragging the patterns from BFD ECO results in incorrect MIDI data in ntrack. Is this a known problem or is there a fix for this?


Are you sending each instrument, BFD set to 32 outputs, to it’s own track via aux outputs which are assigned there own output via the BFD output assignments in BFD? Then setting up n-Track to the same number of tracks and routing the BFD’s outputs to each track created in BFD.

Recording in BFD can be very elaborate, daunting and most difficult, I’m only and handful of people who know how this works and how to do it, to be able to record to individual tracks, both wet and dry. That being said, most people just output 2 tracks in stereo, don’t expect any daw to separate the MIDI and the MIDI will be a combination of the instruments beating at the same time if you take the stereo route.

If you wish to know more about how to set it up so you can record, I have produced 2 video’s
Although my video is for operation within Reaper, the same principle applies to n-Track. Here’s a link.

and for BFD3

Hope this helps,

Thank you Paco… I’m not trying to do anything fancy… just loading the VSTi and selecting a preset rhythm. I will look at your videos…

Just to let your know, BFD, any version is a huge resource hog, It’s always a good Idea to record your drum track or tacks first then dump the vst to release and free up resources for other tasks such as more tracks and VST’s that done take a bit bit out of the system. Always dump VST’s that cause high CPU or Ram values, you can always add them later or just mix the tracks down “on their own” and be done with them adding EQ or comp later or whatever later.

Hope this helps,