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Does anyone know of a tutorial on how to use the sir reverb? I’ve read great things about it but I need a real “sir for dummies” walk thru. Any fellow ntrackers using it now would be of great help thanks!

I think teej made one. Take a look over at

We’re in the same boat, but so far I’ve figured some things out. Let’s call this “a walk thru for a blind man guiding a cripple thru a dungeon of convolution reverb”:

1. Once you’ve downloaded and installed SIR you are not going to get any reverb yet.

2. You need a “convolution signal” (tech freaks will tell you the right term) which is a wav file that represents how a sound will behave in certain environment (let’s call it “room”)

3. There’s a link in SIR page to a bulletin board from where you can download these “rooms”.

4. You download a file from there that looks intresting. And find out that it has a esoteric extension (.rar), that your SIR doesn’t understand at all. You get confused and go back to SIR page faq and find a question “what are these .rar files?”. Ok, it’s some packing system, like winzip.

5. You download a program called winrar. Hooray.

6. You unpack the file you just downloaded before. You find a few wav files.

7. Now you get back to N-track and try SIR for an aux channel. Inside SIR you find a window “open file” on the right side. You open the wav files you succesfully unpacked and pick one you like to use.

8. You make the signal as wet as possible and use it like you’d use any other reverb.

9. There’s a lot of possibilities how to tweak the reverb, but I let some expert to guide you thru that.

Hi Guys:
Over the past year or so, I’ve spent some time with the SIR Impulse Response Utility. There are a few of us on this board as well as on other boards that you will recoginize, that has spent some time working with IR Samples.

I have sampled a church here where I live and edited the “Spikes”… I have posted the files for anyone interested in useing them.…R_Files

They are .wav files… They need no converting/decompressing of any kind. Just download them to a folder and point SIR to the folder and use them. Download the latest version of SIR… v1.005. I think that is the latest version…

Use this plugin at your own risk!

Download SIR 0.861beta Version ( not downwards compatible )

Download SIR 0.76beta Version

Put the DLL-file into the VST-plugin folder of your VST-host.

Download Example Impuls Responses

That is a copy of the Docs that was posted some time ago… It was posted before the latest version that is available at present…

Here is a link to some IR Samples that can be downloaded at no charge…

Go to the Home Page >then to >Impluses… Just browse around and all… There is lots to see… Check the “Back Pages” “Search” the earlier forum pages… … Look for Real /Live Rooms…

I used to spend quite a bit of time over there… about a year-or-so-ago…

Look for the guy whose handle is ShofarSoGood He is a top Spike Sampler…


Hi Folks,

I have tried to use SIR as plugin and I have to say, it sounds really really great (depends on the wav files I used as roomsimulation). But I have a problem to use this effect within a Song combining midi and audio tracks. Because of the big latency of SIR the whole song sounds out of sync, for instance if I use a midi drum track with a vsti sound modul and an audio track which I route to SIR (I used SIR as AUX Effect).
Has anybody an idea, how to use SIR in this kinds of environments?
One idea is, to render each Midi Track to audio and import them again. If I have only audio tracks, there is no problem (if I route each thru the AUX chanel).
Has anybody a better Idea?


Thanks for making the spikes available. Are those what are known as DIRAC spikes?


Here is the little movie deal with the tutorial about running SIR from AudioMinds. It gives you a good idea about how to use the program, however as you asked for a “SIR For Dummies”, you may find that the tutorial makes a few leaps and bounds here and there beyond the “SIR for dummies” level.


Hi Doug:
I’m not quite sure if I know what “DIRAC” spikes means.

I’d really like to go back to the church and re-record the Room… When the samples were captuered, it was as an after-thought, after doing a recording session, there. It took a matter of a minute or so to do them, in the room. Now, What I’d like to do, is, spend more time placeing the mic/mics and “Stereo Sample” the room and, in 24 bit reselution, and all… The room has nearly a 7 second decay… to the noise-floor. Just incredable… I don’t know how one could use a 7 second decay, but at least the decay could be “Edited” to suit the need…

An idea that I’m working on is, “Sample/Spike” the room/rooms that I use for Tracking… Then, use the “Spike” for adding the room to the Track/Tracks that go into the mix. IMO that helps give the tracks more of a “Life-Like” image to the Tracks that are manufactuered for the project… Well, to some degree… Without overdoing it… It has it’s good-and-bad sides… depending on the room acoustics…