Big Time Window Resetting Font & Size Upon Relaunch

Me again…the pain in the butt!

Another bug I have noticed on 2 different computers (Win 8 & Win 10) is that the BIG TIME window seems to reset to default font and size each time you relaunch n-Track.

Also, when you do increase the font size and change the font, it does not ‘resize’ with the window as it did in the past (n-Track 6).

Hope these bug reports help you all out. Thanks again for addressing these issues and for making n-Track the great Digital Audio Multitrack Recorder we have grown to love!

P.S. What is the last version of n-Track which had the same GUI as n-Track 6 (which I am more accustomed to)? I think I would like to revert my installation to an older version for the time being as I am working on a few time sensitive projects. Please let me know and thanks again for the great support!

Montreal, Canada

Greg, the bug in which the Big Time window font is not saved correctly will be fixed in the next build of n-Track, which will be released as soon as possible.
Regarding the old versions of n-Track, you can download them going to


I did download the 7.1.2 version of the older GUI, but it is asking me to register again.
I purchase v.6 many years ago and just purchased v.9
Does this mean I would have to pay for v.7?


please write us at and we can send you the reg. codes for version 7.