Black Walnut

Build Your Own Guitar

I have about 100 pieces of 3" x 4" x 10’ rough cut black walnut, with more coming in everyday. Anyone interest in any? $3.00 each thats only $300 a thousand board feet.

I have already made every picture frame, all our end tables, and coffee tables in my house out of this stuff, and will be glueing up a hunk for an electric guitar body this spring.


  1. Get a slug hammer,
    2. bang on a sexy hubcap or roofing tin,
    3. cut some interesting grooves,
    4. build guitar around it.
    Nice go’n Mr Duffman

last time I tried to work with black walnut - I spent more time sharpening my tools than actually cutting wood. That stuff is hard! Wonder why they don’t make fret boards out of it? Or do they?

They use it on dulcimers, but I don’t know if I’ve ever see it used on guitars – maybe some old classicals. Maybe it’s too soft compared to rosewood or ebony? I bet it’s just too inconsistent depending on variety and availability.

We made some solid body walnuts at Gibson back in 76 but they were so freakin’ heavy they were useless.

If you’ve ever laid into an Eastern Hard Rock Maple or Black Walnut with a chainsaw, you know why the guys who sharpen chains are worth every penny. ‘Bout like cuttin’ granite with a toothpick…


Could make a nice ‘chainsaw proof’ vest with it.

Finding a big enough piece with enough straight grain to make a neck would take forever. But I love the looks of it unfinished.

I think it will make a way cool looking Start hard tail body with gold hardware, black pickups, black with gold fleck pearlizes pick guard, and clear knobs. Turn the pieces so the grain runs in opposite directions.

Never met a piece of wood so hard I couldn’t make into what I wanted.