BladeEnc Install Difficulties.....

Hey Guys…

Anyone tried to install BladeEnc (the program that N-Track uses to create MP3 files)?

I’m having trouble in two areas w/ BladeEnc.

1. I’m not sure which version to download (“Windows (i586+”, or “Windows (i586+) - DLL”).

2. Also regardless of which one I try to download, I can’t get it to “install” once it is unzipped, and downloaded.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I don’t think very many people are using Bladenc these days. I would suggest you go with DB Power Amp. You can download it here

Hi Iplan:
In my BLADEENC folder I have BENC-0942-Win-i586 The zip’d file is there… I have that file unpacked to where the application file is by itself… The size of the file is 184kbs. I think if you launch that file in the BLADEENC folder, n-Track should recognize the application and all should work…


I think BLADEENC is a lousy encoder. I’ve done side-bysides vs LAME, and LAME encoded music and voice sounds much better, especially at lower, web friendly bitdepths (128 and lower). I haven’t tried DB Power Amp - yet.

Hi Captain Damage:
You may be quite right regarding the two methods of encoding a .wav file. Before Flavio offered the option to convert .wav files (way-back-when) with-in n-Track I used db Audio. I still have that utility installed on my setup. I have another converter called Super Audio Converter that I paid for and a free converter called Cheetah Audio Converter. The LAME converter is and works great when you just want to share an idea with a collaborator without leaving n-Track… just my opinion, of course. Lately, I’ve been posting Lame/mp3’s using n-Track’s installed utility but config’ing the utility at 190 kbs. resolution… It seems that below 190 kbs. res./compression, all of the mp3 files lack some quality… well, even at 190 kbs. res.


Thanks for the responses. I went to DB Power Amp, and downloaded the decoder. It works perfectly, and uses LAME in its process.

I am pleased w/ the results. DB Power Amp offers a simple mechanism to convert any audio file on your computer. Just left click on the file, and select “Convert” and you’re on your way.

I’ve got the free trial version. Anyone got any idea how much it costs to register?