marathon project…

This is just to tell you that our latest project - entitled Blow! - is ready at last!

We used just about every conceiveable instrument here; Natural Studio Drums, various brass patches, guitars, recorders, xaphoon, a real(!) church organ, lots of percussion and choir etc. etc. All made in n-Track and mastered with Samplitude. Give it a listen at its place on the web and tell me what you think…

regards, Nils

Hi Nils

I could only listen on my crappy internet pc speakers which make everything sound crummy so can’t say too much. But despite the low quality sound I got, I did think you’d got great separation of all the diverse instruments with lots of space around them. I’m still working on that!

Sounded like a challenging project.


Thanks for your comment - separation is what I wanted to achieve in the mixing of this. I am glad that you agree with me in the opinion that I made it. 32+ tracks takes time if you want to get a good mix…

regards, Nils

You certainly achieved the mix Nils. Excellent stuff! Sounds even better through the big home theatre speakers. Clever tune as well. When it started I thought “What on earth is this?” but I had to listen to the whole epic because I was fascinated to hear what would come next :)

A marathon effort for sure, and you pulled it off well.

Good work!

Dude, that took some time to arrange I am sure. What did you use for the brass? For MIDI, it is pretty durn good.

Bubbagump, I made up the brass sound by taking my brother’s initial arrangement and doubling, thinning and layering brass patches from my Alesis QS6.1 synth with a couple of soundfonts I had lying around - I’m afraid I lost their origin… I used different sounds for each brass part; trumpet, french horn, slide trombone (just that ‘glide’ at the start), and tuba, and two to three ‘generic’ brass patches to thicken things up a bit. At the end I layered it with some live xaphoon playing, which gives the arrangement a bit more of an ‘authentic’ feel.

BTW, we spent 3 (three!) months programming and recording the drums…

regards, Nils