Bluesy Rock Song

I recorded a bluesy rock style song called “In The Night” very recently with n-track. Check it out at;

I’m still using n-track version 5 because it works for me. Guitars are direct to the PC via my GT8. Bass is direct with n-track compression. Drums are done with leafdrums.

This song needs a vocal track so use you’re imagination. I recently installed a floyd rose on one of my strats (never used one before) so have a listen to the solo from around 2:55 and have a giggle at my awesome floyd rose skillz! (sounds OK but I’m getting better I promise!) :wink:

Also if you have a myspace and record stuff, be sure to add me, leave a comment, whatever, 'cause I like to hear indie recorded stuff.

I dug it big time. This type of tune would be right at home on “Bon Jovi - Slippery When Wet”. Your guitar style reminds me a bit of Richie Sambora. Nice job on the recording. I’ll ring up Jon first in the morning to see if he’d be into throwing down some vocal clips. :laugh:

I’m being stupid but I can’t find the track on your site.

I know, I’m being really stupid.

But flanders stole my avatar.

we all record stuff.

tom, the player is lower down on the page.

when you said ‘bluesy rock,’ i had something else totally in mind. this is more like the scorpions, without the arrogant german-ness.
sounds well recorded, especially coming through a myspace page. now you just need a (santa) klaus to fill in the vocals.

Seriously, the player is not showing up for me. I use Firefox - but that wouldn’t be the cause, would it?

i use firefox too. i got it.

Quote: (TomS @ Nov. 06 2009, 8:32 AM)

I'm being stupid but I can't find the track on your site.

I know, I'm being really stupid.

But flanders stole my avatar.

Thanks, man. I'm really enjoying that reel-to-reel tape graphic. It's all mine now. :laugh:

Heh - Hugh flanders - I have a couple of Ampex preamps racked by a kind n-Tracker - not that my skills justify it, but what the heck…

Anyway, I got the graphic somewhere else too…

Sounds good.
The guitar bit at 2:55 could actually come up a touch more in the mix.
I let it roll to your other tunes, Good Friday is nice, was that using n-track also?

thanks for listening. love john doe’s description re. “scorpions without the arrogant german-ness”. what a great review to put on a flyer (except if you’re touring germany)!! :wink: also, if i’m nice and not naughty, (santa) klaus may drop in in december and lay down a vocal…slim chance of not being naughty though…

interesting thing about a track with no vocal is to hear people’s varying impressions - scorpions or bon jovi et al.

pingcat, yes, all those songs were done with n-track.