Board FAQ page

whacha think??

We have an n-track FAQ that answers technical FAQ’s. We have audio minds that answers recording 101 faq’s. But there still are a lot of quesitons that get asked on here a lot. Perhaps we could compile a list of FAQs that get asked on here that don’t seem to be answered or at least is not readily avaliable elsewhere. Then we could refer people to it. I would be happy to complile it and create the page if some people would be willing to post some FAQ’s and responses to them. Then we could just put it up on like angelfire or something. I’m talking about bleedover, VSTi, etc. whacha think?


I think it’s a good idea - are you volunteering :laugh:

I’d be happy to write part of it and play webmaster, etc. I just need suggestions on ideas and maybe some 250 word responses to some of them.


I think its a good idea…
Try starting a new thread asking people to post some frequently asked questions that they see often, and look through the board, find some of your own…then when thats done start another thread with the list of questions all numbered etc and ask for people to answer the ones that they feel confident answering…
The thread might need to be bumped a few times, but it should get there in the end,

Thats probably the best way to do it, ill help how i can.


good idea. thanks.


How about a bug list/feature request list also, broken down by program subcategories such as GUI, editing, effects, file conversion, mixer, midi, etc?

I think if people had a place to list these they would be posting a lot more useful information.


If you want to do that, then go ahead. I haven’t had a terrible amount of buggies myself. Of course, I’m using n mostly for vsti nowdays. So I can’t really talk anyways. My main focus is answering common faq’s.


Great idea. Just keep in mind that answers to generic questions are a lot harder to write (and to read) than answers to specific questions, and real problems usually boil down to specific questions.

For example, lots of differences in the answers depending on whether using line in on a built-in vs. an SB-Live vs. a high-end soundcard. But the FIRST answer is always the same for the latter two: upgrade the drivers! So, all I’m saying is it’s worth doing but not as easy as it sounds for lots of frequent problems.

That’s true. I know it can be hard to generalize. Of course, that is why we are here! :) if anything doesn’t completely answer their question, you bet they will come back and ask us. I mean, why do you think we get registration questions, when the obvious answer is “email support”?


Yup, there are plenty of the easy ones too!