Boston 10, NY Yankees 3


Even if you are not a baseball fan, ya gotta love this. :)

Down with the Bronx Bankroll. Today is a GREAT day.

“Start spreading the news…”

Boston might have been jinxed, but last night the jinx was broken. First time a team ever came back and won when they started a series down 3 games to 0. Really amazing.


“Now Steinbrenner has spent - what? - about three-quarters of a billion since 2000 on teams that couldn’t deliver a World Series.” -Mike Lupica, NY Daily News

I dunno, I actually watched part of it (I never watch sports) and it was quite a sight to see.

Even non-baseball fans can appreciate the evil that is the Bronx Bankroll. There is nothing better than seeing good prevail over evil.

Yeah, we like to see the underdog win!

the curse is WINNING a world series, not just gettingthere…reference to 1986…Mookie Wilson…Buckner…

1918 is along time to wait…let’s wait before we make David Ortiz senator from Mass.

actually…that’s a great idea!

Winning the series would be great for Red Sox fan, to be sure, but just seeing the Evil Empire collapse in such a fashion is all I need to get through the offseason.

Well, the closest team to me would be the Braves. I gave up on ‘em. Several years in a row, they would be smokin’ HOT during the regular season…maybe even make it to the big show…then…CHOKE!!! Losers…

Oh yeah…GO SOX!! Nice…


Hooray for Boston!!!

I should come clean…I am not nearly as excited about the Sox winning as I am about the Yankees pissing it down their legs…

I would be rooting for Satan were he playing the Yankees.

It wasn’t just that the Yankees always win. It was everything else that came with it – the petty barbs, the condescending remarks, the general sense of superiority from a fan base that derives a disproportionate amount of self-esteem from the success of their baseball team. I didn’t care that they kept winning as much as they were a-holes about it. Not all of them. Most of them. In 96 hours, everything was erased. Everything. It was like pressing the re-start button on a video game.