boston market!?!?

i think they reduced the size of their cornbread! argh! oh, the frustration!!..

Not surprised, the #### chicken they sell is the size of a pigeon.

Tastes good, though.

I bet they didn’t reduce prices.

Quote (ksdb @ June 13 2005,13:31)
I bet they didn't reduce prices.

you're #### right they didn't!... damnit, it still tastes good, though...

trying... to... justify... anger... at... cornbread...

They have Boston Market over your way Isaac? The only one I have ever been to was up in Cleveland. (They don’t do cornbread right up there…) You are in the Metro-Atlanta area right?


Quote (gtr4him @ June 13 2005,14:16)
They have Boston Market over your way Isaac? The only one I have ever been to was up in Cleveland. (They don't do cornbread right up there....) You are in the Metro-Atlanta area right?


yep, we have a few around atlanta... i'm at a client site, which is closer to the city... but up near where i live, there is one about a half mile from my place...

i'm not sure from where they originated, but i do know that their menu is really good... of course, good to me is proably a pound of salt and the promise of at least one failing artery...


although i don't know the nutritional facts for their restaurant menu, their frozen dinners scare even me... take a look sometime when you're at grocer... bostom market and tgi friday both have some incredible amout of sodium... you'd have to eat two pounds of bananas to make up for that...


HAH! You sound like me dude! Bowl of popcorn = 1/2 pound of salt!

TG – candidate for a coronary…

it’s strange how people differ in their preference between salty/sweet tastes… my girlfriend prefers sweet tastes, while i prefer salty… the only candy that i ever eat is mint… i am addicted to mints… i find myself sometimes about to swallow the toothpaste… nonetheless, salt is far better than sugar… although you’ll never catch me putting salt in my coffee…

isaac - maybe sharing a hospital room with tg in the future :)

Best PLAIN OL’ cornbread in the world


Cornmeal - whatever brand you prefer
Eggs - CHICKEN eggs! Not no freakin’ EMU or Rattlesnake eggs…
This one is IMPORTANT so pay attention - BUTTERMILK! None of that 2% or skim or even whole milk… BUTTERMILK! The only way…
Pinch of salt. Don’t EVEN think about sugar! :angry: NO SUGAR in cornbread. What are you a commie? ???
CRISCO shortening or good ol’ LARD. None of that PAM cooking spray crap…


OK. Preheat the oven to 375 degrees. Grease the skillet up REAL good with CRISCO or LARD. You do have a cast-iron skillet right? If you don’t, go to town and buy one NOW!

Place the skillet in the oven WHILE the oven is heating up.

Mix the eggs, cornmeal, and buttermilk until tacky and gooey. NOTE: I don’t know your skillet size so I don’t have amounts listed here. 12" skillet? Two eggs, two and a half cups of cornmeal. Fold in buttermilk until mixture is gooey. Pinch of salt. Mix it in.

Now look at yer greasy skillet through the oven window. Is it SMOKIN’ hot? Yes? GOOD! Drag it out and quickly pour your mixture in there. Back in the oven it goes… Now, you can’t set a timer and walk away and make good cornbread…No sirree… Snack on something and hang around peering into the oven window once in a while. When the top is VERY slightly darker than golden brown… snatch the skillet out and invert it over a plate. If you did all this right, the bread should fall right out into the plate steamin’ hot and good to go. If it won’t come out of the pan… you have to try and do better next time!

Slice that puppy up, slather on some butter and munch to your hearts content. (It WILL be content until it realizes you are clogging it up with fat. But hey, we can’t all die in car wrecks right?)

Enjoy :D


PS For a tasty variation, grease the skillet with fatback! Yum-yum!!

PPS I’m not George Bush but I do approve this message.

Closed shop here in Belleve, WA…I still miss it. KFC is crap compared to it.

KFC is crap compared to just about anything. At least around here…


I prefer pungent… garlic, onions, cilantro, ooooo and sour… saurkraut, vinegar, lemons, limes… Can you tell I don’t eat much standard 'merican food?

However, what in the world are you doing at Boston Market? For shame. 30 minutes on the gas grill with some chicken quarters, a bit of season salt, some rosemary up under the skin, and you have 10 times the chow for much less moolah.

I agree with Bubba, Boston Market (formely known as Boston Chicken) has been boycotted by me for years due to skimpy portions and little bang for the buck.

Yeah TG most people up north don’t get that cornbread is supposed to be on the salty side.

is it getting light out yet…

Cornbread, want mine fried! Fried cornbread, huge pot o pinto beans, one tall budweiser, can power a natural gas furnace for at least 2 months! :D

Boston Markets all closed here, no big loss, wife’s cooking beats anything they ever served up.

KFC, no way, worst food I’ve ever tried.

Clogged arteries but loving every mouthful! :p

Never tried to fry it up meself… got a recipe with instructions? Wifey sure as crap ain’t gonna try it…

Me: "Sweetie? Will you turn the oven on for me?"
SHE: "Sure. Uh… where’d you say it was?"

TG – Starvin’ Marvin’