Bounced track comes up short

Bounced track comes up short

I bounced a track (with multiple edits) to a single wav file but the result was quite a bit shorter than the original.
For example, the original track was 3:27 in length and there were two punch-in edits of about 2 seconds each.
When I right-clicked the track and selected “Bounce to single wav file”, the resulting track was only 2:10 in length.

Obviously somethings a little strange here.
Any thoughts?


I don’t have n installed at the moment… (we’ll not go there…) but, you don’t have a selection highlighted do you? Or a time limit entered in the “Mixdown” dialog. You would think that using that command would ignore those but it might be worth checking…


I just tested the bounce and found no buginess - check what Dubious said.