Bouncing MIDI Tracks

I’m running n-Track in Windows 10 and n-Track Studio Suite v9.1.6.5834 and I’m ready to bounce down my first song which contains both audio and MIDI files.

However, the manual says that mixing down in n-Track works only on audio tracks, so if I have MIDI files, which I do, I’ll have to “record” them by selecting MIDI as the recording input in my soundcard mixer, so the program will be able to treat them as WAV files.

I can’t figure out how to do this. I’ve looked through all the dropdowns in Preferences and Settings and I just can’t figure it out. I have a Behringer audio interface and a MIDI interface as well.

Maybe someone can enlighten me. Thanks!!



that part of the manual needs to be updated, it still refers to when MIDI tracks used external synths to generate audio, nowadays 99% of MIDI tracks use virtual instruments that run inside n-Track and so the MIDI tracks are included in the mixdown, there’s no need to record/bounce MIDI tracks to audio tracks before the mixdown, unless you’re using an external hardware MIDI synth.


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Thank you very much for your gracious reply. It is extremely helpful!

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