Brand new to nTrack


I just downloaded nTrack 7 and will begin to figure out how to use this as I am new to recording using this kind of software. I now need an interface (I believe) to be able to start recording. Can anyone recommend an inexpensive one to use?


Welcome 32Ford,

For guitar/mic, I would recommend a Line 6 interface (UX2 or UX1), gives you guitar/vocal effects (you can purchase other various add-on packs to add to the default package), a place to plug in your guitar/mic (phantom power for the mic should it need it) and AISO drivers for almost lag free recording. Works great with n-Track. It’s what I use. Hold on and wait for more responses because there are many to choose from.


ECHO MIA MIDI PCI. Focusrite Saffire6 USB. M-AUDIO Audiophile 2496 PCI.

Thanks for the input folks. I’m just looking for something that is very inexpensive just to get my feet wet. I looked at GC’s used gear online and found a few of those Line 6 models. I might just go with one of those to see where it takes me.


Being new to N-Track, you should read a post on setting up your song files and projects before you record that I posted here:;f=1;t=11327

I hope it saves you from some of the learning curve I’ve had to go through learning how to use this program. I would read it all before trying the suggestions I wrote into it.