Breasts Not Bombs...

Made you look!

2 Protesters Arrested After Going Topless


The women, who were protesting Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ballot measures for today’s special election, took off their shirts despite warnings from the California Highway Patrol last week that doing so would lead to their arrests — and possibly their inclusion on the state’s list of sex offenders.

Women who go topless in California can be charged as sex offenders?

What a sick, sick place. :(


EDIT: I’d love to see that one challenged under the sex discrimination laws.

Heh. How about THIS article on MSN? Poor girls can get no “piece” (yeah I spelled it right) even in the ladies room! :D


More pics



The women were not in town to perform at Sunday’s game

Does that mean what I THINK it means :p


??? Use your imagination… to my embarassment… I DID! :D


You’ve got a filthy mind Tim! Are you sure I can’t convert you to paganism! ???

Mind you, after looking at some of those pictures, I wonder if tolerance goes far enough, or whether electrocution is the next logical step. :(

Nope, thought about it again, and I’m reverting to my former stance; a loving tit is a friendly tit. :D

"Both were charged with indecent exposure, disorderly conduct and going beyond the scope of their permit to demonstrate on state property"

It’s a crime in CA to ‘go beyond the scope’???

Thanks goodness toplessness is legal in Ohio… Some lady sued the state for getting busted for breast feeding in public and they changed the law and made it so wide open that tops are completely optional in Ohio. Go to ComFest in June and you’ll wish it wasn’t… More women running around topless that should really keep it to themselves.

Least it was better than flag burning.

Now I know why my son moved to Ohio! :D

To start a bra collection ?

This looks like a booby trap.

UGH! Nothing like a four hundred pound woman lettin’ all hang out… ???


It’s still better than a bomb going off, dontcha think ?

Quote (gtr4him @ Nov. 10 2005,10:21)
UGH! Nothing like a four hundred pound woman lettin' all hang out... ???



One of protesters in the phot gallery (third photo down on the left)
is either a man in serious need of a bra (or manzierre) or a woman in need of a shave around the chin…

Thinking it’s more likely a male who is relishing the opportunity to gets his “breasts” out and put them to some use…

“See honey, if I went on that diet of yours I wouldn’t be able to participate in this march!”

Sorry…I ran across this again today…partly because I went looking for it. :)

Heck, why not post it to this thread? It’s good as any.

Quote (teryeah @ Nov. 10 2005,16:04)
It's still better than a bomb going off, dontcha think ?

Agreed... but it's still very damaging. More localized though...