Brian Powell - Seven Months

new song :slight_smile:

Hello Friends,

I have been living in France for the past few months, with my girlfriend back at home in California.
Obviously, since difficult situations always bring out the best lyrics in everyone, I’ve written what I believe to be a great song :)
I recorded it here in France at a studio nearby, then brought it back here and mixed it.
I’d like your feedback on it, good, and especially bad, before I send it overseas. :)


Seven Months

I know I’m gone for 7 months, it feels like 7 years
I wish I hadn’t gone away at all
this was supposed to be the time where I made sense of everything
but nothing makes any sense

I could just make a list of all the things I miss
the California sun and all the things I took for granted

well there’s you and me, we were living in the world you see
finally just trying hard, not to lose again we’d gotten far but then I had to leave

can’t you see, this trip is killing me
and I am this close to just coming home to you again

I know if you could rearrange, you’d shift so many things around
and change the time and place we met
so we could have it all
but where would life have taken you if every wish you had came true
I know mine would not have you

you could just make a list of all the things you miss
like kissing on that rock that overlooks the San Diego beach

because you and me, we will be living in the world you see
eventually, just give me time, just a few more months and you’ll be mine

baby spend one day with me
and remember what this is
we can have it all and do it all
cause love is all

because you and me, we have from now until eternity,
and suddenly these seven days, or seven months or seven years
crush all our fears
it’s just you and me

Brian Powell - Seven Months

Brian Powell - Seven Months.

If that don’t get ya layed I don’t know what will. Just stating the facts…

Very well written Brian. I love songs with personal meaning that people relate to for Lord only knows what personal meaning they hear of their own. You pulled that off - rare.

Van Nuys! :agree:

hey brian, just listened to the track.
that’s a very cohesive arrangement. your song structure, voice, lyrics, and phrasing seem to fit right in line with current acoustic pop songs that i’ve heard. this song is pretty close to being in line for radio play in that format. that’s my own unresearched, uneducated opinion. just comparing your song to what i hear from the wife and daughter’s radio, and they’re very into that genre. very direct lyrics, without any artsy pretense. that should be enough to get you ‘reacquainted’ when you return!

What Poppa and Jdet said.
:agree: What little I listen to pop radio stations, this fits like a glove. You might wanna consider getting Bubba to master this one.

Thanks guys, for the positive comments! When you say that it is “close to being ready” for radio play - what exactly do you mean? I would say that my understanding of music has grown a lot since I first started recording, but there are still several things about true “radio” songs and my mixes that I just CANNOT do. So, if anyone would like to help me with this one… I’d be more than happy to accept, and listen :)

i was talking more stylistically/writing/construction. engineer-wise, a) i am not too qualified to reply as such and b) even if i were, it’s hard to tell definitively on streaming mp3.

Quote: (kevinmyers @ Dec. 18 2008, 10:07 PM)

What Poppa and Jdet said.
:agree: What little I listen to pop radio stations, this fits like a glove. You might wanna consider getting Bubba to master this one.

:agree: :agree:

Bubba can put the polish on that already excellent piece... Nice job!


Good tune there bud. Nicely done.

My personal taste would’ve seen the vocals centred (UK spelling :) ) more in the verses, but really…thats just my personal thing.
Good song, great performance, well written and as said before as near to ‘radio ready’ as I’ve ever heard! I can definitely hear it in the charts.

What are your plans with it?


Is this the one you wanted done in French a while back as I recall?

That’s a great song Brian. Personal but with great commercial feel. I hope you can do something with this. Vocals are excellent. song is simple and pure…Great piece!

Thanks for the comments guys! I have been without internet here in France for a few weeks, but it’s been great reading your comments. I spent a good amount of time mastering this, and I would love for someone else to take a stab at it and tell me what I could have done better. Any takers?

I farmed out the last thing I wanted to sound good myself.
I’ll listen again and honestly see if I might help it or not - there are some talented folks here that can do a better job than I though.

The link has gone bad Brian.

You are correct sir! I forgot to pay my webhost. :) Let me fix that and I’ll post back here hopefully tomorrow.