Brief recording question...

Hey all. I’ve been using n-Track 2.2 since I bought it (millions of years ago) and I absolutely love it.

I was looking to purchase a multi-input card, such as the Gadget Labs WavePRO 8/24. (auction:…e=WDVW)

My question is this: using that soundcard and my copy of n-Track, would I be able to simultaneously record 8 tracks at once? (I.E., when the recording is stopped, there are 8 new wav files as opposed to 1). I have a mixer and everything, so now it just comes down to the sound card.

To add to this topic - what would be the most inexpensive way of accomplishing the task I wish to accomplish? I have a Hercules GameSurround Fortissmo 7.1 III as is. I’m not sure exactly what hardware I’d be looking for - nor the price range. Rock bottom ($20, people) is where I’m looking to start.

yep. that’ll do it.

I do have to say though that electronics get better and less expensive for the same technology as time passes. Basically, you might be able to find a BETTER soundcard for around the same price if you look at some of the newer cards.

E-mu’s new stuff would definitely be an option.

I’d just like to verify - to be completely sure - but if I used this Gadget Labs WavePRO 8/24 with my copy of n-Track Studio Version 2.2, I would be able to click the record button and instead of resulting in 1 new wav file, I would have 8 new wav files (one for each of the inputs)?

yes, recording all 8 inputs at once you could wind up with 8 mono wave files or 4 stereo wave files.



and if you can find the add on card- you could add s/pdif and get 2 more for a total of 10 channels