Bring It Back From The Dead

Recover Song After Bad Ntrack Exit?

Is there a way to recover a song (.sng) after ntrack has rudely died?
Have a song that was fine for a week, until I tried to use piano roll to add different midi drum patterns (a different story). Was ok when I saved and quit ntrack.
Next start of ntrack caused it to exit with trap (info collected and sent to the developer). But when I try to restart or reload that song, ntrack just keeps on exiting with the same fail.
I was able to find the original .wav files, and create a new .sng, and get back to where I was, but again after redoing the piano roll, quitting and restarting ntrack, got the same fail, and again need to recover,
I would like to recover the song (and stay away from the piano roll stuff for now) without
having to start from scratch. I had mixer channel settings, volume envelopes, tempo setting and so on.

Probably not, really. Create a new song and import the wave files again just like you did. Might be a pain to get them lined up if they didn’t all start at the very beginning. It’s not a fun job. Nope, not one bit.

While pondering that, read this. It might help cheer you up…or not…

(there is some strange stuff on the web)

Sounds like there may be a plugin or something causing the crashes. It happens. You might have to do a little extra work or try to recall which plugins you added that might have caused the conflict.

I hate to have to rebuild too, but finding out what’s going on is also an important part of the deal.

Any DX plugins on any tracks? I find them not too good of a match at times.

Thanks for the link Phoo, was not so much a cheering up, but inspired me to go and bring this song back from the dead. And I did. Also, thank you Poppa Willis, you got me on the correct track with the “DX plugins” reference.
Using Isotope Ozone on the drums for more color, using v3, and never had an issue. Now at v4, seems a few specific presets cause the problems I had. Specifically the Ozone preset for Drum Break Enhancer. (actually it worked pretty good at Breaking me) Any of the other settings I have tried do not cause the issue.
Also, I found a dirty way to recover my song. I edited the MySong.sng file with flat ascii editor, found all the references to the “Ozone Drum Breaker”, and deleted them. Then I could start up ntrack with the original song mostly in tact (except for Bpm for some reason). But everything was lined up, and I had all my volume settings and envelopes back.

nice recovery… :agree: