Broken falsetto

Any one fancy a pop at a, Sweet/The Rubettes(for fux sake)/Queen type top-end harmony vocal line (male)? In me forties, I’ve struggled with anything above Middle C. :wink:
Trying to cobble a cover together to give my sister as a birthday gift in a couple of weeks time. A proper, cheesy, daft-as-a-brush, load of old Euro-Plop - and catchy as Mumps - and one of her teenage fav’s. Hoping to do her head in, big time:-)
Sure, I can fake it, but?

Just for fun!? :)

Was ok til u mentioned The Rubettes :) If it’s Sugar Baby Love, that would require surgery :)


I’ll take that as a maybe, then? :laugh:

I’ve had to drag-in all available females and pre-pubecents - quite the opposite to the original plan, but it’s taking shape.

My vote for the best, “Yeahhhhhhhhgh”, goes to, Marc Bolan.

Out of my range Tony…you’re forty? I’m 55 :laugh:

Quote: (Willy Eckerslike @ Jan. 18 2011, 9:34 PM)

Out of my range're forty? I'm 55

I wish!