Bruffie's 2nd Filipino song


Sorry Guys,

Just pulled this out from the middle of another post where it was buried. Started this a couple of years ago. Was never happy with the vox. As I’m trying to get my 3 filipino songs together I opened it up the other nite, blasted the vox in one take and left it at that. It’s rare that I’m happy with something when it’s finished, but maybe this is ok…


Nosi Ba Lasi (Who are they?)

These are your vocals? Great range, it took two listens to get the feel and realise that i absolutely love this! Listening to it for the 4th time now. (i would personally turn up the harmonies a tiny bit but I have no idea what i’m talking about so please feel free to ignore me.)

This really is Very good :agree:

Ange x

Great rocker! love the guitar harmonies! Sound overall is great man.
The lyric… lol (was gonna say greek to me, might as well be)
Love it. You’re mixing our Dreamin’!


EDIT:Try this avatar the scaling on yours is drivin’ me nuts.

Wow Ian that’s great!

Musics fab, and I love the retro feel to the vox, even though I haven’t a clue what you’re on about…

Well done.

Oh spreadie! What happened…you ate your own face?! :angry:
I miss your old pic already!
Ange x

That’s a picture of Uncle Hannibal the dyslexic cannibal. He keeps trying to devour himself…

Craig? Where did you get a picture of my uncle? :laugh:


Hey I didn’t mean to hijack Ians thread here!!

Just thought I’d join the club and change my avatar every hour or so…

Forgive the following parts of the reply that don’t make sense, cos it’s 3am and I just got back from a Filipino bar where the band were playing eberything from Celine Dion to Kelly Clarkson to Irom Maiden. Got that great ringing in my ears feeling:

Ange: My vox, but no great achievement cos that register is where I’m most comfortable at. I think you’re right about the harmonies. I literally did the lead vox in one take as if I was singing live, the harmonies were an afterthought. I’ll probably re-do them.

Poppa: Greek to you, Filipino to me :) ‘Dreaming’ is all yours. I’m just the singer man, and I can’t wait to hear your final result.

Craig: The 'retro feel’is natural. After all, I am 53 :)

Thanks guys. Some kind words were very welcome at the moment,
Bless u all!

Quote: (Poppa Willis @ Jul. 03 2008, 9:30 PM)

You're mixing our Dreamin'!

Confession time Poppa. Knowing how tied up with various projects you were. I already have a version done :) But not for release :)

I had a whole week off planned out starting today to work on the 3 projects I have to wrap up and the two I’m starting. My planning so far just sux though. No Line 6 - (I feel like Bart Simpson waiting for his spy camera.) 'Course I’m old enough to know that good things come to those who wait, whether you like waiting or not.

I don’t know how u juggle your time to take on so much Tommy. I work 5 days, I go out one night, and I get 1 day a week to play with music :)

I started this reply 3 times - was interrupted last by a friend who I’m playing guitar for in a musical play starting next week - lol - I think I can be this busy because I have been blessed to put ‘work’ work like fourth or fifth on my list of priorities. Plus it only took me 30 years to get to where I can do what I want when I want. Yep, I’m blessed.

Great tune Ian! Awsum job! Guitar’s ? Deep Purple meets Filipino!

Geeezzzz, I’m sitting here with an empty house, nothing to do, but have no interest in music recording. Turned the daw on stared at the monitor, turned it off, got a drink. In another funk, must be summer time or something.

Sounds like you need to cut your own version of “Summertime”… and just roll around in it for a while… Or - get half naked and sit outside and just sweat… :laugh: I miss the south but not the humid summers.

Geez Guys…it’s 46C here today. I’ll come over to you to cool down.

Yaz…Deep Purple? No, we stole part of the solo from Sultans of Swing