BUG 1, BUG 2, BUG 3

take them away pkease

plus bug 4, and bug 5 -

this is complicated -

i set up a song on i PC - i use MOVE/REMANE function to copy the complete song to a memory stick = if i open the somg on another PC the song opens OK except that MUTED PARTS are not recorded in the song - if i save the file normally to the memory stick instead of a hard drive it opens OK parts muted are there - soit looks like MOVE/RENAME is missing sonething in the transfer -

GRID - snap to grid is active when the grid is on - killing snap to grid closes the grid - there is no way i can move tracks freely under the grid as i could a time ago -

GRID - SPLICE to grid is severely broken -

merge will not merge correctly - often a box will open saying tracks are not correct_ nothing will make then correct - you have the options to cancel or merge anyway - merge anyway kills the righthand merge track completely -

if you want to alter the length od a REPEATED SAMPLE selecting the section to alter is OK but if you try to alter that sample the one to the right of it is altered ? -



Need to put them in here:

yep - bug report them. Which build?

I was able to reproduce the problems with
- splice to grid
- merge

I wasn’t able to reproduce the problem with the Move/Rename song command.
Do you have the latest build of n-Track on both computers?
The way the part mute setting is saved into the .sng file has changed (I think from build 2410 to 2411) so the part mute setting won’t be loaded properly by previous builds. I didn’t include code to convert between the two different formats, this being beta builds and to avoid having too many conversios during the song load process, sorry about that.

As for the grid, there’s a setting in the grid box (Edit/Grid/Grid properties) that lets you display the grid even when snapping is off: set “Display grid” to “Always”.

I’m not sure I understand the bug related to editing repeated samples.

As for playing all of a tracks overlapped parts, I’m worried that things would quickly get messy. Perhaps there should be a way to easily move parts to a different/new take, for example dragging with the mouse holding Alt or Ctrl, so that if you want two overlapped parts to both play you just drag one part to a new take.


win 2k - build 2412 -

transfered file by mamory stick from one PC to another - both PC running win 2k and build 2412 -

there should not be a problem making tracks play all takes or samples that are layered on it - i HATE TO MENTION ANOTHER DAW but thats what you can do in energy xt2 - drag as many samples you want into a track and the track plays them all no matter what is on top of what - no need for other faders etc if using samples as they will all have the same audio level - if lanes need volume adjustment then they can be normalised either in N or by using Goldwave - with the other daw daw you can build a complete drumkit in a single track -

GRID yes but i dont want the grid on all the time - we had it one time, switch on grid - position tracks - splice -

repeated samples - insert sample - drag out say 10 repeats - it you try to resize (shorten) a repeat, the action takes place in the next repeat to the right -



i HATE TO MENTION ANOTHER DAW but thats what you can do in energy xt2

I don't mind. :laugh: You know that by now though... Lanes in Energy XT2 and Reaper are a thing of beauty. A careful study of those two apps lane implementation would yield great results IMO. Add a little Flavio "magic" and you just might have a paradigm breaker...


not wishing to upset Flavio, i suggest certain other DAWs as a method of prompting him to look at how these DAWs work - a serious programmer does not to run it through a disasembler to see what goes on, he will know what to do by just seeing how otheres do it - XT 22s instrument track is great, and the synth is great too but its not N (by a country mile).