bug from old version still exists

Adding IAA Effects loads wrong app.

I have just installed the new version on my iPad with iOS 9.3.2
I chose “add Efx” and in the list that appears, several of the apps have the incorrect icon displayed.
I have added one with the incorrect icon, and it loads the app represented by the icon, not the one listed by name.
I can demonstrate this with screenshots or even a short video if you prefer.

thanks for contacting us and for your report.
We are trying to replicate the issue and a screenshot would be very useful.

Thanks for your support.


OK I had a few minutes to demonstrate my issue.

Looks like those links don't work and I can't edit the post. Now I see you have the forum configured to only allow links directly to GIF images.
"You are not allowed to use that image extension on this board. A valid format is: http://www.domain.com/picture.gif”
I don't have a host setup that can do links like that.

Raw links

I have just confirmed this bug also exists on my iPhone 6+ running 9.3.4.

Not even a thank you from the developer. And it's been several days since I posted the images. Is that the right way to do customer support?

Send Flavio a PM he will respond.



You can use this to post images on forums.


This problem has been resolved in one of the last few updates.