Build 1995 bug report

-already sent to Flavio-

ntrck_swBeta 1995.exe

“Display Hidden/Minimized Tracks” option in mixer window.

Track sent to group does not display in mixer window even though track is not minimized.

1-Changing track’s output to main does not cause track to display in mixer window.
2-Unchecking and then re-checking “Display Hidden/Minimized Tracks” will cause track to display in mixer window.
3-Send track to a group and it remains displayed in the mixer window.
4-Minimize track and it no longer displays in mixer window.
5-Un-minimize track and it does not display in the mixer window.

*Additional steps taken - uninstall/re-install both n-Track and .NET framework with no change in behavior.

*It should be noted that the program now takes 4-5 seconds to respond when any of these actions are performed. Previously the program responded very quickly, but now feels sluggish.