Build 2040

Dialogs & visuals

My Settings dialogs are getting worse as the new builds increase.
Build 2040. 1024 x 768 res. Windows Classic Theme. No frills.

Also the fonts settings in the settings dialog do little as the bounding boxes don’t resize. This applies to the upper and lower timeline (note the lower timeline is being blocked by the scroll bar). The time clock counter font can’t be enlarged much due to the bounding box constraints even though the actual window is pretty big.

The main mixer window gets pretty funky if you play around with it. One minute all the tracks display evenly with the aux controls underneath, adjust a little and some stay in line and other tracks get messed up.

I hope this picture isn’t too huge for display:


Check your font sizes. I’ve seen similar problems with the apps we write at work where customers play with font sizes etc; it messes up the formatting. Sure the app should probably cope but that’s a lot of work for very little benefit.

If this is XP goto “Display Properties”–>“Appearance” and check “Font size” is set to “Normal”.

Also goto the “Settings” tab and click on “Advanced”. Check that the “DPI setting” is set to “96dpi (Normal)”.



Thanks Mark,

My dpi setting had changed and I didn’t have a problem in other programs to alert me to change it back to 96. Thanks for the answer. I changed it back to 96 and can now read the dialog.

Still has the other quirks but I can live with 'em!



Cool. Glad to help.

Perhaps your display drivers are responsible for the mixer funnies. Have your tried updating them recently?


The drivers are current.

I’m gonna lower the performance setting today and see what happens.

Does your scroll bar encroach on the lower timeline space as mine does or is it free and clear?