build 2419

I think Flavio is getting ahead of me to where I’m getting left behind.
Kind of like highschool calculus - I miss a day or two and I’m lost. They’re easier on the eye than the old circles but… What are these new handle boxes? Handles? They don’t seem to offer anything????

I’m even more lost - while I was off-line for about a month, the whole “lanes” cansept started. I can’t even find how to open/create a lane. Can you fill me in . . .
??? Bax

record a test track of anything - pretend you need to fix a spot in it - hit record on the same track again - as many times as needed to get your “lanes” - editing lanes is not “there” yet for me though - try it out for the visual if nothing else. Right click in track for lane options.

I would happily test it out… but I can’t. I’d have to BUY the upgrade first and that just isn’t going to happen! I don’t submit to blackmail.



Uh oh…wonder what Dubi is hiding… :)

Is there blackemail?

Oy… okay wisenheimers… I don’t submit to EXTORTION.

Really?!?!? Aren’t the nag screens and the bleepity-boop tones enough? Why fix it where folks can’t check out new builds as they progress after the “TRIAL PERIOD” expires?

You guys are okay with this?


You’re married ain’t ya?

Quote: (Poppa Willis @ Dec. 01 2008, 3:29 PM)

You're married ain't ya?

Yeah but she's got something worth the extortion... :laugh:

Re-read the other post above and answer please? You were posting while I was editing?


I see said the blind man - I wouldn’t think a beta version would expire - I’ve kept up my purchases D - so yea I’m ok with it. I guess if I had 10’s of thousands of cracked copies of my work out there I’d try to make a dent in that. Seriously.

Quote: (Poppa Willis @ Dec. 01 2008, 3:52 PM)

I see said the blind man - I wouldn't think a beta version would expire - I've kept up my purchases D - so yea I'm ok with it. I guess if I had 10's of thousands of cracked copies of my work out there I'd try to make a dent in that. Seriously.

If someone is gonna crack it, they WILL crack it. NO software is "crack proof". I'd wager there are cracks or Keygens floating around for V6 already. All this trial period crap does is discourage people like me from giving n V6 a fair shake to see if we wanna stick with it or pass. The nags and organ tones are enough IMO. At least a user can play around with it at his or her leisure for some time and load new builds to see any possible improvements. The current method is just an attempt at extorting the 40 buck upgrade for me to agree to be a "negatively" paid beta tester. No sir. Ain't doing it. :disagree:

Seriously, I don't have any qualms about dropping the 40 bux if I think it's worth it. I can't tell if it's worth it or not now can I?


I can't tell if it's worth it or not now can I?

For now let's just say it ain't worth it to ya and let it lay there. I wish you'd have let me get you some codes when I offered, but NOOOOooooooo.

I do agree with you though - I always take more time with testing a program, and tend to tske it more seriously when when there are no time limits.

Yes, I’m ok with it. I can use the current version I paid for, or If I choose, I can work with the beta versions, and offer suggestions that if enough people are interested, Flavio adds to the program I have Already paid for. I feel that is a community effort, we get to ask a first class programmer to accomidate our conceprt of how we want the program to work.
If you just want the program, you can buy that and wait for the updates that are free within each version.
I own several programs that don’t care if I am not satisfied, I bought them because they were toughted as doing what I wanted, they didn’t perform, I can’t return them and every “update” is a pay-for-it “upgrade” - that I do not like!

Bax - You make some valid points… but this not even about you or me. It’s about new guy/gal crusing by and finds n-Track. He/she downloads the demo and gives it a whirl. They have, what a couple weeks or so to make sure it’s perfect for them? After that, they can’t even come back to it and try it again after playing around with Orion or XT2 or whatever. I know what I would do if I were a brand-new shopper and this was sprung on me… I’d fade away and put my credit card back in my wallet.


Dubious, That is a valid point!
Have you thought of changing your name to Curmudgeon?
I don't like the dictionary definition of curmudgeon - it's connotation is a more complementary term than the definition - just as we require those who are dubious, we require those who question and complain about things that they view as not right. Of course, that can be a pain in the !@#, but at least that makes just passively sitting around uncomfortable, :laugh: ,


I get paid to be “cynically, optimistically skeptical” at my day job… weird huh? :laugh:


I’m enjoying V6 but honestly Dube, it’s not ready for you.

Well Levi, if the MIDI stuff and looping are still on the fritz, you are right. As I already mentioned though, it ain’t about me. I’m a Reaper-head and probably won’t go back to n for full use. I’m just saying the current trial model is going to run a lot of NEW people away. It’s not pleasant to hear, but true nonetheless…

I may get a license someday (after CHRISTmas probably) just so I can assist on the forum. Buncha good guys here… Flavio is a good guy… I have the kind of day job where I can “baby-sit” a bit… so what the heck right? :)


So you’re telling us you want codes for Christmas? :laugh: