build 2448 is up

download build 2448

drag and drop midi 'sposed to be fixed for us EZdrummer folks.


Anyone aside from Poppa install it yet (Poppa seems to be immune from the sort of dramas I suffer from)? Levi, you running 48?

No I haven’t yet.
I doubt that I’ll get a chance to try it today.
I’m way to busy fighting off intruders (hackers).
You might consider tightening the screws on your firewall as well.

Downloading it onto my laptop now - had to do some audio work on my main sys. I’ll let you know!

EZDrummer test for drag and drop and clip length being “true to measure” very successful!


Hey that sounds promising, that should make midi fun for you.

Looks like you better grab 2449 there good buddy

The program that I use to make a drum song and then export to midi with for some reason is leaving huge gaps. Like 12 bars, I didn’t count them. In other words, I’m exporting 12 bars looped 4 times and there are 12 bar gaps between the loops. Doesn’t do that exporting to wav, anyway:
I downloaded 2449 and had no trouble cloning the track and squeezing it down to the good parts and then sliding the parts perfectly together. It worked well.

Should I download 48,even though I’m not a drum or midi man?

Levi - let me know how your midi work goes in n - I won’t have time to put it through the mill until next week.

It’s at 2449 as of yesterday, it seemed like a pretty fine peice of software, but I only did limited work and that was midi. One always downloads beta’s at their own risk but you can always reinstall what is now working for you.
Just remember to start with new projects when you first work with a beta or immediately save your current song to a second name to have both, so you don’t loose what you have just in case. ???

Wait I think that was a new release! Should be good to go.

Quote: (Poppa Willis @ Feb. 09 2009, 9:41 AM)

Levi - let me know how your midi work goes in n - I won't have time to put it through the mill until next week.

Ok, I have some tests planned for later today. You know one question that I have is why is there 2 ntrack drummers in the vstplugin folder? One is ntrack drums and the other is ntrack drums43. One for a slave and the other for writing with???
If so which for which?

Been shanghaied by a women huh? :laugh:

there’s a toolbar bug that will crash this new version