Build 2462

Some new features

The parametric EQ is fixed! Thx Flavio works fine now.
That groping to move parts will be a big help! And the multi tap echo sounds interesting.
Have only checked the PEQ so far.

Looks like the Boss has been busy!

Thursday, March 26 2009, 9:30 am - 6 hours ago
New n-Track Multitap Delay effect [New Feature]
Grouping of track parts [New Feature]
Looped parts are parts of a single group so that they are dragged together [New Feature]
Reveal in folder and insert into song options in Mixdown dialog box [New Feature]
Double click on EQ knobs in channel mixer to enter with keyboard EQ boost/cut setting [New Feature]
Fixed knobs sometimes moving when mouse is clicked without moving the cursor [Bug Fix]
Fixed program not remembering correctly last position and size of EQ window [Bug Fix]
Performance optimization of plugins latency compensation computation at beginning of playback [Bug Fix]
Tabbing between controls with keyboard works in enter selection and track properties boxes [Bug Fix]
Fixed opening piano roll on a MIDI track with no part selected created a new blank track [Bug Fix]