build a drum kit/bass kit

Ok, now I know how to use sound fonts and SFZ(thanks Marce!) Now how do I create my own drum kits and or bass kits with samples! a-la nskit. is it difficult. Here is my situation. I play in a duo and we use drum and bass patterns to back us up. Now that I can write good non repeating drum s I want to add GOOD samples of drums and bass lines.

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If im understanding you, you want assing the drum sample that you want to the midi note that you prefer. If you are using SFz, i heard about a patch editor that allows you to do this, called sfZed, but google only report dead links. Try to ask some one using sfZ here if have a copy of the free editor.

Here is a link to a fanatic guy of sfZ that have a free custom mapping to NsKit, maybe can be good for you:

I saw the post about Tom Hicks samples I downloaded them…well how would you use them in a kit. How do I get those samples of bass drum, HH, snares etc into, say, the piano roll of ntrack midi ch 10.
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Bascly you need make your own mapping (see above) of them with sfz and then load it in sfz under ntrack. You can also edit the instruments names of the drums where ntrack display them to be the same that the sfz ones. I believe that there is in the ntrack folder a “instrument.txt” file.

I’ve been attempting to make my own soundfonts with vienna - it’s a free editor, but you need a soundfont capable card - more info at:

Anyone else know of any free soundfont editors?

Anyone else know of any free soundfont editors?

Synthfont is developing a Viena clone that is working well this days, but is a little beta still.

Looks impressive - thanks for the link, I will be checking this out! :)