Building MP3 files

:D Hi All,

I have just downloaded the trial version of the product an I recorded quickly and easily two guitar tracks.
I’m really impressed by the quality of the result and I’ll register shortly. Therefore, I have got one major question about producing MP3 files : Is there a built in .wav to .mp3 convertion functionality in the registered version or do I have to look after any external product ?

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n-Track doesn’t have an mp3 converter, but it can use BladeEnc to make an mp3 at mixdown. It can be fiddly to get it going.

Personally I find it easier to convert to mp3 outside of n-Track. dBPowerAmp is good - was free but now charges a small fee for mp3 conversion.

Just recently I was put on to Cheetah Audio Converter by our very own Bill/wox. It’s free, and works well.



Do a search for WinLAME.
I love this program and it is free. It uses the LAME mp3 dll (thus the name).
Despite the fact that it is free, the sound is great. Many people have spent tons of time listening and tweaking the various presets to make a great sounding MP3.
The “-alt preset” is a VBR that averages around 200 kbps. If you need smaller sizes for streaming, there are other presets. Of course you can tweak all the settings yourself.

I use dBPowerAmp, think it’s a great utilty.

You have to pay for version 11, however version 10 is free to download and is fully working (including mp3) - click here:

iTunes does it reeeeaaallllyy quick and easey

Thanks guys for thes information. I have found another utility called “Ashampoo MP3 Check & convert”. It seems to work fine.

Anyway, I have a slight problem with the .wav file produced by n-Track :

When I play the either the mixdown .wav file or the converted mp3 file, I can hear some stranges noise when listening.

I would be very pleased if you could listen at My little song and let me know what do you think about the strange alien sound that you can hear in the middle of the song. I just recorded two clean guitar tracks , nothiing else.


I haven’t listened to your song, but the noise is probably the beeps added to the shareware version of n-track. Once you register, the beeps will be gone when you mixdown.

The organ sounds can also occur in mixdowns if you mixdown to 24 bits but have the 16 bit version registered.

I was thinking it was because you are not registered. Once you register they should not be generated.

Very nice guitar work, by the way.



PS: n-Track has a music conversion feature and uses the bladeenc.exe for .mp3s. It will also do .wma and ogg vorbis if you download the proper codecs.

:D Yep !!! It works fine now than I’ve registered. Thanks all for the advice . :cool:

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