Built-In Channel ParEQ Causing Glitching

when freq graph is on - suggestions?

I’ve managed to get my latency down to about 7ms with my Layla20 - and everything works great until I turn on the frequency spectrum display the ParEq - either the built-in one from the mixer, or the directX plug-in (though, the plug-in causes less glitching). I just end up in a world of glitches until n-track gives up and decides playing the track is too much… so far I’ve replaced the built-in video card with a GeForce4, I’ve made sure the layla isn’t sharing an IRQ with the video card - and I’ve even lowered the video card’s pci latency from 248 to 128. Nothing seems to help. I’ve read about some problems with the plug-in in the past… is this still a known issue, or do I have a unique situation on my hands here?