Buy without Google Play

I would like to buy n studio standart for my Android device, but I don’t have access to Google Play (I’m on a Huawei device) ! Is it possible?
Best regards

Brother if you’d really don’t have any other Android devices around that you could use please private message me and I’ll get your information and send you one no charge. As long as you got Wi-Fi you will be good to go. You can still use your Hawaii phone for everything else and your Android having phone LOL 4 in track because I started in track on my phone for a couple years before pulling my pants all the way up and getting a real computer and buying the version for Windows. Oh yeah I can also promise you that if you can manage to save the money to get you a decent laptop somewhere in the three to $400 range for starters and purchase the desktop version of in track it’s a world of difference and so much more can be done so much quicker. Good luck let me know