anyone using them?

The buzcomp free plug ins seem quite nice, anyone else using them? I like free… :)


Tom, These are great items. The fact that they are available for free makes it even sweeter.

Take them out for a spin. You’ll find quite a few applications where they will shine. As some software plugins excell in some areas, don’ limit yourself to using these exclusively.


Hey TomS
I bought the CL bundle and really like them. The free one’s sound good also. Someone, I can’t remember who, pointed to this multiband compressor and I have gotten hooked on it. It really sounds awesome and is free as well. Check out T-Sledge


Cool, thanks Robert and jeromee!

For freebies these kill. All the usual paramters and a couple of other things that really make them interesting, esp. the three band grancomp. I got a very aggresive bass sound out of it with just a lined-in bass. And squashed the heck out of a snare in a really nice way. Totally cool.

How much as teh CL bundle? As I recall it was pretty cheap - 49 bucks? was that it? I’m going to have to check it out… :)

Yep $49.00. They can really add some punch to tracks. Demo them and see what you think. :)

Well. I think these freebies are as good as pretty much anything I’ve tried. :)

I think the freebies are great. I was think about the CL stuff, but I just wish it had some meters. I know I should use my ears, but I am attached to the visuals when it comes to compression.

I also think the stuff at http://hem.bredband.net/tbtaudio/ is good when it comes to limit/compression stuff. Also check out the freebies at the ftp site (read the fine print at the top).