Cable marking

Does any one have any ideas for marking pre-made cables?

I’ve got 50 or so cables that I want to mark with my name to distinguish them from other peoples’ cables in an upcoming gig where I’m supplying a lot of sound equipment.

I rather like the clear shink-wrap idea but I don’t think that’ll work with made up leads.



Is there an electrical equipment/parts supply store near? If so, look for something like;…rds.jsp

You can write on them with a Sharpie, then fold the clear, protective lamination over the marking. Then you just wrap the tag on the cable/wire. There are several styles… A good supply house will have a variety.

Good luck! :agree:


Hi Mark A:

We used to mark our cables with coloured
electrical tape…
a foot-or-so back from one end…


Thanks for the replies chaps.

Bill - I’ve already go tape on most of my leads - it’s just that occasionally you end up at a gig with someone with the same colour! Also, I’m hoping to use colours to indicate which lead is which on the stage - acoustic #1, acoustic #2 etc.

UJ - those marker cards look cool. I don’t hold up much hope of getting them in these parts though : -( will have a look around town later today.