Can't download the new version

Y’all know that pop up screen, that says " wanna download the newer version?" well i did and overwrote that old saved file, and now it will not load, it says that a file is corrupted and won’t work, any ideas.

I did the upgrade last night 2064->2065 using the small version download, and it worked fine. Did you try downloading it again, maybe you got a few bad bits or an incomplete file, unlikely, but possible.

I upgraded to the new version and now can’t access N at all!
When I try to open it I get this error message, "The procedure entry point_recalloc could not be located in the dynamic link library MSVCR80.dll"
I installed .NET 2 before the download.

I had a similar problem when loading the latest upgrade. I’m using Windows XP. I had to restore to a point before I attempted installing the new version. Then I unisnstalled the current version of N-Track using the Windows Control Panel. I After that, was able to load the new version.

Maybe my mistake was to try to upgrade over the old N version? Although it was only the previous build, not one from years ago! Should I usually uninstal N before installing new version? Considering it was only an incremental update really, I thought it would be safe [and maybe more efficient] to just replace changed files and leave those unchaged in the old version. Writing only the new files over the old programme. Not explaining ths very well?
Sometimes, when installing upgrades of various software, the installer tells you to stop and uninstall old version first. I thought this might occur with N and installed on top of the old version.

I also have win XP, but I installed latest N version some time ago and have updated other stuff since then that I don’t want to loose by going back to a restore point a long time ago.
By the by, what happens to all those Anti virus / adware/ spyware etc’, signatures when you go back to a restore point?
I don’t trust MS that much and prefer to not rely on restore points. It could restore all kinds of complications I 've recently sorted out! Nor do I use their crap Firewall.

I tried repair facility in WinXP’s control panel and it could not find a file to do it and suggested finding the installer and reinstalling.
I did this.
N.B.The installer removed current installation before re-installing. All went very smoothly, as normal, no indication of any problems.BUT I STILL GET THE SAME ERROR MESSAGE!
Still no access to the programme!

I had no problem installing previous versions of N-Track and allowing the program to auto-uninstall the older version until the last one, so maybe it won’t occur in future releases.

As a normal practice, I always add a restore point to my system before I install anything new or anything that affects the registration files. That way, I don’t have to go way back in the past and ovewrite condfigurations and settings as mentione in the earlier post.

This practice of setting restore points before altering my system has gotten me out of a bad situation on numerous occaisions.


As a normal practice, I always add a restore point to my system before I install anything new or anything that affects the registration files.

That’s a great idea. Thanks for the tip.

Hi Guys… on this Topic:
I’m no expert on Computer and DAW machines… But I do this when I download a New Build…

The pop-up window says that there is a Later version of n-Track, to install… and at this point you are given a choice as to Downloading and Installing, the later version or not…

I choose NO…

Then I go to the download page and download the later Build to a “Named Folder” in “My Documents” Folder…

I use “Get-Right” cause I am on a dial-up and modem… Geeezee… :O ??? IT takes me All Day… Anyway, I rename the file at download time to say what the “Build Number” it is… Then, install the update/build from that folder… Then… at any time, I can re-install whatever build I want to navigate to, if there is something in any of the Builds that you don’t like…

That’s something you might consider doing, with your n-Track installations…

Every-so-Often… I “Write” the FA Soft Folder to a CD so as to “Save” the Versions-and-Builds that Flavio Posts… Then, I have a record of all the builds that are posted, along with any “Notes” that I my want to add, regarding any builds that come-to-mind… to the CD before I write IT… Well…