Can't get n-Track to recognize a VST

I installed Garritan Personal Orchestra, which auto-detected n-Track’s plugins folder and placed its instrument .dll there. I’m trying to follow n-Track’s (4.0) instructions for activating it, but the instructions don’t seem to gibe with my actual menus. For instance:

"How to use a VST/DX instrument: select the desired VST or DX instrument to use in the Track / MIDI / New Instruments channel pop-up menu."

I get Track / MIDI and then there isn’t anything that says New Instrument channel, just Piano Roll, MIDI events list, and convert MIDI tracks.

If I import the midi track, when I right-click select its properties I can’t find anything but Microsoft GS synth garbage. I’m stumped. Please help. And, if you are so inclined, please spell it out step by step. I’m pretty new to this.

Thank you!

ADD CHANNEL/add new instrument channel - select GPO from VST listing - insert MIDI track - output MIDI track to GPO -

if you still have trouble go here

download the demo version of HARMONY ASSISTANT - that
definately accepts GPO and is brilliant for MIDI work - you can record your MIDI tracks as wave files and import them back into N -

Dr J

It’s working! Nothing digital has ever worked for me! You’re my new favorite person!


I suspect you are going to enjoy that GPO. I got it last summer, and it has been very useful. :D