can't hear myself

can’t hear myself

Hi, I am new to n’Track studio and to this forum.

I just purchased the software to do voice over work and only voice over work so I will not be recording any music etc.

This is my set up:

Computer = is a Levnovo T61 Running Vista 32 bit OS with a SoundMax integrated HD audio sound card.

Microphone = is an AT2020 USB Cardioid Condenser Mic

Problem = I can not hear myself when recording. If I press the LIVE button in n’Track I can hear myself with a delay. But if I press record, I can not hear myself in real time.

Does anyone or can anyone tell me why … please?


Hi canuck:

You might consider getting an external mixer with USB I/O capabilities with Monitoring…
The run the Line Level signal to the Audio in of your computer…

Seems like a big expense and a lot to do, to be able to hear yourself…


Hi Canuck.

The delay is letency (your pc is struggling to process quickly enough). Try adjusting the buffer settings in the pref’s.

Make sure n-T is set to record audio and not midi and that you have armed the track to record. Forget the live feature - it will slow your machine even more.

Tony means “latency.” Tony, is “letency” the spelling over there? We in the colonies are rather brutish, and mess up this sort of thing. :laugh: (Kidding!!)

Me and my latent brain :laugh:

A good place to start is to see if the “Live” button is active. That routes the input through any effects you have and will cause a greater latency.

the problem you are having with hearing yourself is in the way you are monitoring the input - a feature of the sound card. Does your card have a “direct out” or a “line out” One of these should be selected in the Preferences and plugged to the headphone or speakers you are using to monitor.

I was going to post my usual reply about their being both a “record” and a “playback” windows mixer. But he’s using a USB microphone which I think is a different ballgame.