Can't Open Song (missing VSTs)

Song won’t open without missing effects

I have used nTrack for many years and have had to switch computers a few times in the last few years and all of my VST effects have not followed me. So the latest version of nTrack, which I am using now, can’t open older song files that apparently contain VST effects I no longer have. I get errors that the effects are missing and the song won’t open up. I thought it would open and give me the option of replacing the effects with something similar that I do have installed.

Anyone have this problem, or have a work-around?

This won’t halp with the mix you have. However, my suggestion would be to open a new empty NTRACK song and import the wave file into the new file. You can then remix.

What version are you running?
n-Track Studio 7.1.2 Build 3276 Released
Wednesday, September 17 2014, 6:00 pm - 25 weeks ago
Fixed error loading songs saved with very old versions of n-Track [Bug Fix]
Fixed graphical glitches with some VST plugins that resize their windows [Bug Fix]


I could reload the WAVs but a lot of my songs are 20-30 tracks and I’m not always good about deleting the takes I didn’t use, so that would be a lot of work.

I’ve got 7.1.2 64 build 3278 which it says is the very latest build for my Windows 7x64 computer, so that’s not it. Good idea though!

I might just try to track down the old VSTs in my old computers…