Can't remember if I already posted this...

Award winning song done on n-Track

not sure if I posted about this after winning the award for Best Blues Song at the New Mexico Music Awards in May of this year, but here’s a link to my Myspace page that has two blues instrumentals, each of which won Best Blues Song; one in 2006 and one in 2008.

222 Blues (pronounced Two-Twenty-Two Blues) won this year’s awards at the New Mexico Music Awards.


New Mexico Music Awards
Btw, that’s me
in the picture (on the left side in the pic) that opens on the top right where the coyote is after the page fully loads.

Well it’s nice to see you once a year.

Hey that’s really cool man! Congratulations! See there Flavio? That has to make you feel good! nTrack makes people winners, and happy! :agree:

Nice job and Congrats!

Where’d he go?

He stops in once a year to tell of his accomplishments. :p