can't see aux send on channel mixer

When the channel mixer is docked I can’t see the aux sends. Have to undock to see it.

Interesting you should ask. :)

I started a a few new songs this weekend (archiving some really old recordings from the 60’s). I can’t seem to find how or where to add any AUX Send or Returns. They seem to be gone completely. The option to set the number has been gone from the Prefs for a while.

Flavio, how is this being handled now?

Phoo, kenny,

Not sure I understand the question properly but you add Aux channels now by using the menu “Add Channel–>Add New Aux”

That answers my question. It’s been so long since I started a new song that I didn’t realize it had been moved there. The number of Aux channels was a fixed number in the preferences before. In hind sight I see that “Add Channel” is in V4 as well. That use to be just for VST instruments.

Thanks very much.

kenny’s probelm may be unrelated to mine of course.

If I dock the mixer then resize it, I can see the AUXES. I seldom dock the mixer though, I let it float and toggle it off and on with the F3 key. I’m hoping for a second monitor from Sanntyy Claws this year. :D