Can I duplicate a section of a multi-track recording

Inexperienced user, so sorry if this is an idiot question. Can I duplicate a section within a a song? Essentially I have a song which I’d like to add a new verse to (in the middle). So I’d like to select all the tracks for a suitable portion of the song and then duplicate all the tracks so increasing the length of the song and effectively having one verse repeated. I could then modify the vocal track with an over-record to generate the new verse. Can N-Track do this?

You can do that: first select all the tracks. Try to locate an area where there Is not much sound,preferable where there is a beat or a repeated series of notes. Place the cursor there and do a cut ( just press S). Then select all the tracks on the right side of the cut and move them well to the right. Copy the tracks you want to insert and paste them into the space you have cleared. You can now move the inserted tracks to fit into the space.
If that doesn’t sound right, Remember that the length of tracks can be lengthened or shorted by selecting the center end of a track ( all selected tracks with adjust together.)
A couple of easier ways : mixdown the old and new tracks as separate tracks and the make the afore mentioned process.
If I use the mixdown, i load both as separate tracks then make the cut and line the old and new tracks and do fades to make the paste.
I hope this helps.

Thanks for your help, this works well.

So glad I could help.