Can I share a multi track song with my band?

I have a hard time finding an answer to my question.
Basically we are in a band, and are looking for an easy way to share the recordings.
We record our rehearsals multi-track. 5 tracks.

In order for everybody at home to silence tracks, and add additional tracks, we are looking for a simple sollution.

Can N-track do this?

Songtree, as far as I have investigated, allways bounces the song to a single track. this is not optional.
Is there a way to share N-track recordings multi track?
for example:

  • I record the rehearsal 5 tracks (kick, OH1, OH2, Guitar, Bass)
  • I Share the recording (somehow)
  • The guitarist opens his own Ntrack at home to listen and practice

other example:

  • The drummer uses his Edrum at home to record a midi drum track
  • shares with the rest of the band
  • bass opens at home, records a separate track on the recording
  • shares with the rest of the band
  • the guitarist records a next track.
  • the guitarist shares the song
  • the bassist changes a piece of his track

Is this also possible with an Ipad for example?
The drummer would like to record midi with his Ipad sometimes.

Is this possible?
How does this work?

Kind regards

(ps: if this works well, we"ll buy the the studio)


you could create a shared folder using a file sharing service such as Dropbox or Google Drive, and share the song folder with the band. Each time someone makes a change to the song (either by adding tracks or editing the .sng file) everyone that has the shared folder would automatically get the update. n-Track 9.1.3 also has a “snapshots” subfolder where it saves past versions of the .sng file, that may be useful if someone wants to go back to a previous version of the song.

Alternatively to using a shared folder, each time someone makes a change to the song he/she could
save as sgw and share it. Sgw is a single file format that keeps the song multitrack.
Using a sgw file would be compatible with iOS (iPad). On the contrary I’m not sure if the shared folder thing would work with the iPad because of iOS’s strict app storage isolation rules

Songtree is not well suited for this kind of work, unless you just use it to share single tracks.