Can nTrack be used for singing education?

Is nTrack capable of this?

I am considering buying nTrack, for a very simple, but specific application. I’m wondering if you can tell me if it will work, and give me some quick ideas of how to do what I need to do:

My daughter wants to learn to sing. I want her to be able to hear a song played on headphones, and sing along to it into a USB microphone. Then, I want her to be able to play back what she sang, and see how it matches or does not.

The best scenario would be this:
1) A song with regular vocals is played over the headphones, either on one channel or two.
2) She sings to it, and what she sings is recorded. In the best scenario, while she is singing she hears the original song on one channel, and her vocal and the karoke track mixed on the other channel. Either real-time or after she is done, what she sang is mixed with a karaoke track of the same exact song.
3) She can then play back both the original and her version, either being able to slide back and forth to hear one more than the other, or playing the original back on the left channel and her version with the karaoke backing on the right channel.

We can’t afford music lessons for her, but I want to do SOMETHING to try and help her. Please let me know if I can do this, or something like it, with nTrack.

Hi nowandever29:

n-Track would be the perfect Audio Application/Editor installed on your computer along with a USB Microphone and Headphones to do that task…



Don’t forget NTrack is available as a demo version! Try the demo first to see if it meets your needs.


Great, it sounds like it will do what I need. Now can you give me a high-level overview of what I need to do in the program to do this? Frankly, I’m intimidated and don’t know where to begin in the app to set up what I’m talking about.

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Quote: (nowandever29 @ Mar. 03 2009, 7:45 AM)

Great, it sounds like it will do what I need.
Now can you give me a high-level overview of what I need to do in the program to do this?
Frankly, I'm intimidated and don't know where to begin in the app to set up what I'm talking about.

It would help to know what type of equipment you are working with.

Like the computer, mixer, sound card, mic etc etc, headphones...I think open back are the best for vocals (not nec for recoding vocals since they often leak sound, but for hearing your own voice over the music they let the sound come in as well---anyone back me up on that?
One solution is to simply have one ear on and one off of a good closed pair.

We could give you a "high level overview" if we have a low level under view of what you got.

For vocal training I would suggest midi as well, or even karaoke tracks without the vocals.

As with any instrument it is easier to learn or add parts over tracks that do not already the desired track on them.

Also midi files of particular songs would have the melody (notes) themselves mapped out, that is all the data is stored in the files for each note (B, A,C#, etc etc) which is great for instruction since you could use a keyboard to hit any particular note a person is struggling with (in case there is a pitch issue) and you can simply take out the (vocal) track and listen to the arrangement with the pupils voice only.
I would suggest this site:
Free Midi files

Also, if you go the MP3/Karaoke route, there are VST pluggins like autotune that you may be able to use to show pitch variations in real time.

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There are other vocal training programs on the market that would better suit your needs. If you google ‘vocal training software’ you’ll find some. The thing is that they can give you the feedback you need, whereas n-Track (mighty as it is) in my opinion is not best suited for that particular application.