Can two (or more) tracks be comped simultaneously?

Most of my recordings start as two tracks recorded simultaneously - one track being acoustic guitar and the other being vocal.
I do multiple takes on each track.
Is there a way to comp (selectively edit, picking the best parts of multiple takes) these two tracks at the same time, rather than trying to duplicate the exact process on two separate tracks.
I appreciate your help.

I should have included the fact that I’m still running v7.1.2 Build 3278. Again - thanks.

The program will run “tracks” (multiple takes) on the beginning track - you can open the ouch in menu to easily accomplish this. Best way to learn this process is to read up on Takes in the n-Track manual available as a separate PDF download on this site.
I prefer to open a new track and sing along with the first take and the use the Volume Envelope to turn each track up or down - I can fade in and if necessarily adjust EQ and/or volume if I record at a slightly different sound.