Can you help me find a solution?


Anyone. Knows how to transform a song single file in several files as at the beginning when you open a new song? I don’t know why it was a song made of blocks and now is an only block and like this I’m not able to send the files to the sound engineer


try this:

  • save the song to a new song folder, i.e. outside of the previous song’s folder, so that the original song will be not modified
  • press Ctrl+A to select all tracks
  • right click on any track, select Process → Bounce and process track
  • check all the options, particularly “Bounce from beginning of song”
  • after the bounce is completed select File → Save
  • then File → Manage song → Cleanup song folder
  • right click on any track’s waveform, select ‘Reveal in folder’

The folder that opens will have one wave file for each of the song’s tracks, that you can send to your song engineer, and he’ll be easily able to import the files into n-Track or any other DAW.

Saving to a new song and then cleaning up the song folder is useful so that the song’s audio folder will end up containing only the song’s stems files, otherwise you would need to right click on each track and manually copy/send each file.


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