Cancel a subscription

Does anyone know how to cancel a subscription from windows?

If you subscribed via you can cancel the subscription following these instructions:

  • log into the n-Track website at
  • cick on My Purchases
  • you should see one or multiple lines for your subscription, click on the Cancel button next to the most recent payment

Alternatively if you’ve subscribed via with Paypal, you can unsubscribe from the Paypal website:

  • log into with your Paypal username and password
  • go to the Payments section
  • click Manage pre-approved payments
  • select the n-Track subscription and cancel it

If you still have issues please contact us.



I registered on the n track page, and when subscribing I paid with Paypal from that same page,
It says there that something was canceled but I haven’t canceled anything yet, but the payment was made.
I don’t see the option to cancel the subscription

This is a public forum so it’s not the approriate place for account related questions, as mentioned in my previous reply please contact us at Support | n-Track Studio for assistance.