CD Burner feature problem

I no speak Italian

I just burned a CD using n-track CD burner, file name is in English, but when I played it in Windows Media Player, the name of the track and the artist came up in Italian. Whazzup wi’dat?

Anybody else seen this problem? and how do you fix it?


Hi jsmyers24151:
I stand corrected… But, I think there is a “FIX” for that on the the Microsoft Update Page. That is… if you have Windows Media Player v10 installed on your machine…

If that’s no help… I don’t know what IT could be… I’ve never used Media Player to burn Files, to a CD…


Hey Bill,

I didn’t use Windows Media Player to burn the CD, I used n-track CD burner to burn the CD. I just played it back on WMP. I wonder if Flavio would know what’s going on here? He’s Italian.


Did you create a CD with text? OR is this a data disk with MP3s?

Otherwise, the CD information downloaded by WMP would come from an online database. NTrack would not have anything to do with it after it is burnt.

Dave T2

Hi Guys:
Again… I stand corrected…

I believe that Flavio has “Link’d” to Windows Media Player v10 to burn CD’s in n-Track… WMP v10 is the first Windows Player to have the capibilities to burn Disks… I haven’t used that feature yet… But Hey, if it works why launch your favorite burner utility to burn CD’s? The two… WMP and n-Track Burner Screens look awfully familiar… If the finished product/format is able to be played in any CD Player… that is…



WMP v10 is the first Windows Player to have the capibilities to burn Disks.

Actually, it was added in WMP7 as a Roxio CD Burner plug-in. There was a HORRENDOUS bug in the first version if it was installed on Win2K. Installation of the Roxio plug-in, which was done by default if not intentionally excluded, would replace cdrom.sys, the cd rom hardware’s driver. On Win2K the replacement driver would blue screen at bootup before Windows was ever started. The fix was to physically remove the CD-ROM drive, or to format the hard drive and start over. Fortunately, this bug didn’t happen to WinXp machines. Did I mention that I love Roxio…anyone remember me ranting about their EZ CD Creator killing my Win2K machine? They got me with the WMP7 burner plug in, too.

Just for the record, I use the burner stuff that comes with WMP10 and have only had problems with it when CD autoplay has been disabled. With that disabled it will prompt to insert a blank CD, but because autoplay if off it can’t detect that one has been inserted. Autoplay can be enabled and disabled with a regkey. Many CD writers disable it to prevent glitches when writing to disk. Some bad ones don’t re-enable it when they are done.