Channel Bleeding from Version 6.1.2 Build 2870

I am experiencing channel bleeds during recording sessions. This has never happened to me ever in the time I have been a user , which goes all the way back to n-Track 3.

May I please ask someone to walk through the steps to fix this please. I am using Windows 10 on PC. I am also using a brand new PC, custom build gamer with the following components:

  • AMD Ryzen Gen 5 Processor
  • Cooler Master V750 Power Supply
  • ASUS Prime X570 Mother Board
  • AMD Radeon 5700 XT Video Card
  • Tridentz DDR4 Memory

I hope this is sufficient information. All I want is for my first track to stop recording over the second and so forth. How do I fix this? Please and thanks.


Do you “Arm” the second track?
Hopefully you are not trying to record while using speakers instead of headphones while recording with a mic… I’m not trying to underestimate your skills, lol.
Just trying to help.

That’s never happened to me before.
Let me know, or give more info about your setup, etc…

Maybe caused by the “soundcard settings”.
Make sure you’re recording with “mic” and not “stereo mix”

All recording attempts have been solely with instruments. No mics have been used. I am also using a Behrringer X32 digital mixer that is connected to my PC’s sound card. That set up is correct. Therefore, I don’t need the headphones, but I have been using them without any change in the outcome

What does arming do? Should I arm the second track or not?

Arming the track lets you record just on that track without any other track being recorded! It will record a new track independently. That’s probably the bug you have…
Try it and let me know😉

Even with a external mixer, you should make sure that you’re not recording a “stereo mix”. The stereo mix will record everything… Everything!

I think I have gone through all the menus and cannot find the list item for arming the track nor can I see whether my track is in stereo recording mode or not. I realize I look like a fool here but I just want to resolve this. I have been at this for two or three days.

Can you walk me through the menus so I can find what it is I need and see if this works? I am still having the same issue. Great first take. Lousy second takes.

The Arm/Un-Arm function is embedded in the recorded track. I don’t see it as an option before I record. Anyway…

Same result

I can help you brother.

My cell number is 418-818-2171.

It’ll be easier to send you pics and vids.

OK. I have a Zoom call to make right now. Can I call just after 10 pm?

Sure… anything for a fellow artist.

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As an update, I downloaded and installed n-Track 9. I thought the old software might have been the issue. Lo and behold, the exact problem manifested in version 9. It is hardware or hardware set up but I have no idea what else to look for or try. Thanks.